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    My wife just got a new, not refurb, Pre from a corporate store the other day as a replacement for the refurb she had prior to that one. The reason for this replacement was that a screw had fallen out of the referb and locked up the slider and the screen looked like it had a film or plastic on it and made it look sparkley and dim. We took it in and they gave her a brand new phone. This phone is super tight and fresh and has that new phone smell, ahhhhh! But! This new phone also has a dimmer sparkley screen like the refurb. So my question is, why does my refurb look great and bright and her refurb and now the new one look dim and sparkley.
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    Might be the last of the Pre minus parts making their way onto shelves.
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    Looks terrible. Going to be hard to sell after new device launch in 2011.
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    Anyone else have this issue?

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