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    Ok. I am a huge music person. Im the type that cant live without it. It gets me through work and just my day in general. So Im real particular and anal I guess you should say, about how my music is set up. Well Ive read online about how to get my pre to recognize my playlists. Ive tried everything i can think of and I cant get my playlists to show. Ive made them on Itunes, Winamp, WMP (yes im that desperate), and media monkey. Ive made a folder called Playlists in the root directory with no luck. Made one in the Music directory, with no luck. I dont particularly care for Music Player Remix on preware. Its too cluttered and excuse me, but what the french toast sticks are "Flylists"? I just want the Stock media player, and my playlists. Thats all I ask for. I have several genres of music and I Need playlists. I have about 13 different play lists that I prefer to use. So please any help would be amazing.

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    pre doesnt handle playlists very well i only had limited success with the wmp file in the same folder as the associated mp3s...this worked for me somewhat but now i dont mess with playlists any longer due to the frustration it caused

    now i use flylists on Music Player Remix and just create my playlists on well and relatively easy and quick to make

    i also have been using the app File Folder Player or FFPlayer...just throw your music into folders and FFPlayer will play each folder as a playlist...
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    Use Media Jukebox (Media Jukebox: Free J. River Media Jukebox software)

    Put pre in media sync mode. media jukebox sees it as an ipod. it then creates the the ipod folder and syncs music in that special way. not as music stored/file. this allows the playlists to be transferred and you can see the playlists on the pre after it syncs. i've posted more details in other threads. works great for me as I use smart playlists.

    also transfers cover art nicely. i tag art with mediamonkey first. then add songs to my media jukebox library. then sync.

    good luck!
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