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    I have a concurrent post on the BlueTooth forum regarding transferring/syncing my contacts w/ my car (via Bluetooth). But it appears my Pre Plus is not compatible w/ my car (Toyota Venza).

    So...I'm thinking of a "work around" Palm Treo will transfer my contacts to the car, is there a way to export my contacts from my Pre Plus to my Treo? I would then temporarily deactivate my Pre, transfer my contacts to my car & then re-activate my Pre.

    I know....sounds like a lot of effort, but I have almost 400 contacts that I really need access to and I don't want to do it indivdually. can I get my contacts from my Pre to my Treo???

    FYI, the Bluetooth w/ my car is not compatible w/ the Pre Bluetooth, having 1contact did sync over before it stopped.

    Thanx in advance...

    And will it even work i.e. the Treo contacts working w/ the Pre???
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    You can export your contacts with the send all to email patch then import them into your Treo.
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    you can export them from your Pre as a .csv file, and then import them into Palm Desktop or whatever you were syncing your Treo with... Then sync the treo. No need to activate the Treo, it still works like a Palm PDA.

    Btw, I can't send my contacts to my Bluetooth GPS, but it still lets me access the numbers and dial from the gps. Have you tried that? You might find that to be easier and save yourself some work...
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    @mamoutan~I will give that a try....sounds like it's an easy fix.
    @canaffordit~I'll try that as well! Might be easier! Wasn't sure if I needed to activate Treo or not for BT to work. As far as the GPS is concerned, my Garmin does not have BT/phone capability & my Venza doesn't have a navi unti (except my Garmin). So I'm in a trick to find a way to get the contacts onto the car w/out using Pre.

    Thank you both of you for responding to my post!! I'll follow up after I give it a try....

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