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    Over the last few days, the time on the Pre Plus has stopped updating every once in a while. I have to reboot a couple of times to get it to update again. It does not restart with a toggle through airplane mode but requires a power button type reboot twice to restart.

    I am running Uberkernal/Govnah at screenstate 500/1000.
    Webos Version 1.4.5
    I have the following patches installed:
    Ringer Switch Icon
    Disable Compressed View
    No-Auto-Off while Charging
    Enable Landscape You Tube
    3000 Autoreplace Words
    4x4 Icons v5
    Add Date dd-MMM-yy
    Add Space Between Snooze and Dismiss
    Alarm Daily Options
    Battery Icon as Percent
    Brightness in Device Menu
    Capture with Volume Keys
    Change Number of Bookmarks on Startpage
    Enable Add/Delete Pages
    Flashlight in Device Menu
    Launch Brightness Unlinked on Luna Boot
    Named Pages in the Launcher
    Open to Alarm List
    Reduce Minimum Brightness
    Reset to First Page
    Unhide Dev Mode Icon
    Unthrottle Download Manager

    Does anyone have an opinion as to whether this is a hardware problem or a problem with my installed patches?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Update: It stopped updating when I ran Preware to get the list of Patches. Running Preware again caused the time to update. This is probably related to the Preware time stamp issue with the feeds. Thanks, Xanadu73. Your timely reply to the Preware feeds thread prompted me to this conclusion.
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    Unfortunately I cannot replicate the time-lapse issue on my 1.4.5 device but have ran into time-lapse issues before due to a major case of memory leaks causing that service to stop. have you have any lockups? Otherwise, I've been using clocksync app to keep my clock on time regardless what I do to my pre.
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    @addiarmadar Yes I have infrequent (<2/month) lockups. I have run Preware several times since this morning and have not replicated the time stoppage.

    I will try clocksync app. Thanks!

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