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    I'm an old fart who unlike my now millionaire cousin, didn't move on past my formal programing education: "introduction to IBM punch card systems & binary programing therory" in the 70's, in other words, I'm a hack. I understand just enough to be real dangerous! When I get to tinkering, I can lock up a computer tighter than drum. So, I read forums on setting up Homebrew & OverClocking and I sigh. I, & most of humanity, excluding the 5% wizard Geek crowd, need a phone PDA that comes out of the box simple, functional, and adaptable to needs with simple downloads like Palm's OS1-OS5 was,not OS system over writes. With incredible strengths of WebOs's cloud, but with added internal memory backup system (sd card) for when signal is week and pda has to run on it's own.
    Solution presented itself in a strange way. Work issued me a crap Samsung flip phone phone. I called Sprint and switched the work phones service over to my Centro. I forward my personal calls to my centro; use an ear piece anyway so who cares about junk sound quality of Centro.. Have Google voice screen both numbers calls into one VM box avail on Pre's screen. I now have snappy centro aps (calendar, task, memo, handy shopper and dozens others)..and my cloud aps on Pre. which I pull out much less frequently, only when I need web, or media aps. Still haven't figured out how to control syncing the two, without losing data on auto sync's. The fail safe of having a saved untouched desktop to reload; for when you delete something by mistake has saved my so many times!
    1998-Pilot, 2003-Zire, 2008-Centro, 2010-Pre...?
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    I'm using something similar, a Treo 680 and a Palm Pre. I keep them sync'd (calendar, tasks, memos, notes) through Outlook and PocketMirror (XT version on Treo, webOS version on Pre).

    I just have to make sure that I don't sync at the same time so I don't overwrite anything new.

    The Treo 680 of course, keeps backups as well thanks to RscBackup. Wish we had something like this for webOS.

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