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    Ordered my VZW replacement last night. No obvious issues with hardwear...but phone reboots constantly, locks up, and just exhibits fluky behavior. I have tried doctoring battery fix, removing patches and Kernels, etc. Phone still stinks.

    I figured this can't hurt....

    Then I will decide if I put back Kernels and patches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Copay on VZW is $50
    Not when I signed up for a Pre Plus in November 2010 in NC. They quoted me a $100 deductible and I told them to stick it.
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    I couldnt get a replacement directly through asurion- they were going to give me a Pixi instead. I had to go to a verizon store and explain the situation to them to get a pre.
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    I received a replacement PrePlus from Verizon about 2 weeks ago.
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    A while back I read that Asurion was replacing the Verizon Pre Plus with the a droid. Does anyone know whether this this the case or not?
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    I believe someone got a pre plus right after that and proved it false. Could be wrong tho.
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    I also pay insurance, but since my pre acts up sometimes, i wondered if once they announce a new hp phone, if i can report mine broke/lost and get a new model, or if i'd get a refurb pre (im on sprint tho not verizon)
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    Not true. I just got a replacement a couple of weeks ago. Verizon just barely hit the 1 year mark for the phone, and they have lots of subscribers on 2 year plans.
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    I use Verizon network , filed a claim last month and Asurion wasn't replacing palm pre.......sent me a crap lg fathom windows phone!!! I sent it back and bought another pre off ebay for about the same as my deductible.......makes me mad I paid to insure something then didn't get what I paid for!!!
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    Even Sprint is starting to change model, i was offered a BB, Pixi, or HTC Hero.
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    Assurion just offered me a fathom or a pixi as a replacement for my pre plus. Anybody have any tips cause that is def not acceptable. Thanx!
    - Medina
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    I would definately go to the company store and attempt there for a replacement. Go to a corporate store and not an "authorizied retalier" you'll have much better luck I think. There are way too many of them out there to not have something available at least a refurb until the new ones come out.
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    The palm pre plus is being replaced, but so far all I have gotten are faulty phones. The first replacement was a refurb and the gesture area doesn't work which means I can't really navigate the phone. The replacement after that was stolen. They sent out another phone and the ESN/MEID HEX can't be identified through Verizon's network. They sent me ANOTHER phone and the same issue. Idk what is wrong with their batch of phones but I don't have a properly working phone. I'd almost take a bb or windows phone. I'm extremely frustrated right now.
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    The asurion replacement that I got for my verizon pre plus looks like a new one as far as I can tell. I made a claim for a growing crack at the USB door that had turned the corner and was now on the face.

    I haven't noticed the notorious pre plus keyboard issue on the new one yet either.
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    I just had to replace my pre friday 3/4 as it decided to take a swim. No probem at all. It seems this pre is a little better than my original +. Keys actually click when hit instead of smushie. Works great. I did call and cancel my insurance this morning as it cost me $89 to replace and can buy "new" ones on ebay for way less than that.
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