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    I have the Palm Pre Plus and Im trying to set a song as my text message alert but it only plays like 5 second clips.. Is there any way to make it a little bit longer of a ringtone cause its pointless to have it only play 5 seconds and then stop! HELPPPPP!
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    I believe there is a patch for that but I can't see it in Preware at the moment. It might just be available in a thread somewhere to download but I havnt seen it for a bit. I don't think its a very popular patch to have a tone/song play for that long everytime a text comes in.

    Edit: I found it. In PW its called 'Extend Notification Tone Time Limit'. Its bumps it up from 5sec to 1min so you might want to edit the song to the time limit you want or it will play for the full minute everytime..
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    How long is the actual clip you are trying to play?
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    trust me, you dont want this. It is crazy annoying when people text you.

    If you use this patch, I would HIGHLY suggest taking the mp3 you want and cutting it to a somewhat reasonable length with an audio editor like Audacity.

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