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    Excellent info, just saw it. With this I'll fix BabyPre's wifi, it's been flaky since the 3rd time I opened it, I may have broken the little PCB. I'll fiddle with it in the night. If it works, I'll set it to use my home Wifi instead of 3G while here (my mom has it right now, and she relies on 3G, but the signal isn't that good and tends to break).
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    I saved this thread for later, because I'd purchased a $20 Pre- that had "intermittent wifi" issues, and I was planning on using this phone to make a Frankenpre2.

    Anyway... Wifi now works great in the Frankenpre2.

    The old Pre would only work in direct line of sight & within 5 to 10 feet of my wireless router. So, I knew it wasn't a software issue.

    When doing the comm board swap, I realized that one of the black or white wires were not fully connected to the board. No antenna mods needed. Just seat the wire's connector fully to the board's connector, and you should be golden.

    You can do this simply by taking the battery cover off and flipping that top-left piece of the comm board area to reveal the black & white wires.
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    I've been using my old pre+ for pandora lately. After testing diffrent antennas trying to make an external antenna I had found my self with no where to solder. so i found another point on the pcb for the antenna.
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