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    hey guys i'm having this really weird problem. Every time I turn the screen on, I have to immediately and continously touch the screen in order to keep it from responding. That is to say:if I didn't touch the screen within 3 seconds after the screen is turned on, the screen wouldn't respond to any further touch anymore. But if I touched the screen immediately and continuely after the screen is turned on, it would operate just fine. Beyond that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any other features.

    i wonder if anyone have the same similar problem?
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    That sounds very odd.

    Have you dropped the phone or gotten it wet?

    Have you tried running the WebOS repair utility or the WebOS Doctor to see if it is something software related?

    How long has it been since you rebooted the phone?

    The screen, however, usually isn't caused by software problems. You can go into the Device Info and run the interactive tests and see if it gives you an error.
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    thank you for the info, the problem is persistent every time i restart the phone
    however it has come back to normal on itself one time or two. but after a quick while just broke again.
    i wonder if it is caused by the cold weather or loose connections?
    never dropped it
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    The cold weather might have caused some condensation to accumulate in the screen.

    I've noticed that anytime mine is exposed to any type of moisture, such as if I got from a heated building out into the cold, it acts up terribly.

    Do you have insurance on the phone or is still under warranty?
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    neither is available for my pre any more, i'm considering getting a pre plus or getting it fixed at the local electronics, still wondering if the quality of plus is solid(or palm's pre line dont have solid quality?)
    actually my screen malfunctioned for once just the very day i bought it: the upper right corner of the screen wouldn't response, but the problem disappeared after a reboot and has been fine ever since.
    this time however, the problem is persistent.
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    My roommate has a Pre Plus on Verizon and the build quality is definitely better than the original Pre, though they do also eventually develop some issues.

    His has a mild twist starting to the slider and headset jack problems.

    I have a Sprint Pre, so I have their insurance plan on mine.
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