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    Lately I've been rather upset at my USB door falling out every time I have to charge. I only have one Touchstone but my mother is all ways using it. So I started to look around at what I could use to hold it in. Glue didn't work, neither did a small wire. But I finally happened upon some adhesive gauze. I carefully put the prong on the USB door through the hole on the gauze, put the door back in and it doesn't fall out! It moves out slowly and feels decently firm. The gauze is just big enough to stay inside, you have to push it in to make it stay. And the adhesive makes sure that the USB door won't just slip out of the gauze. I'm going to assume that using a rubber band would work as well but I don't want to try it just yet. Also I checked to make sure the gauze wouldn't get stuck inside if you did pull out the door. The gauze did stay inside after a couple dozen complete removals of the door. However, I easily removed it with a pin.
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    Nice tip! I lost that little sucker a long time ago.
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    I lost mine as well but I talked to Palm and they sent me one free of charge. Two days later I found it. Now I have two, just in case.
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    I lost my door, now I use a piece of black clay.

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