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    so to be more specific, today my GF ****ed me off (yea i know xmas eve AND my b-day tomorrow -.-) and i gripped my phone and.... CRACK! soo i really need to use save/restore to back up my apps data but i cant see anything on the screen. is there any steps or anything i can do to do that? also is it orange+sym+u to get into usb mode? thx in advance for anyone that can help
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    If you have recently used save/restore you can just access command line and use the following thread to zip the file and copy it to your computer.

    If you have not got a recent back up, you will need to go to around page 18 of the save/restore thread, Audemars02 walkthrough, and execute the individual commands.

    I would try to give a better description but am on my pre atm

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