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    i got a new pre from bell mobility on a no contract plan for prepaid $149.95

    i have managed to bypass the palm profile screen and get into the developer mode and play around via wifi

    i only want to use this phone for a few calls per month on prepaid but i do want to be able to use the wifi and all the apps (i was able to access my email on google apps right away)

    i don't even have the phone activated yet but it actually let me make a call and shows my number in the information area

    i can't seem to turn off the data backup option (it just keeps spinning i guess because there is no actual data plan) which i DONT want and i'm worried that if i activate the phone i'll incur data charges ... except i don't even have a data plan so i don't know how that would work

    is there a way to permanently shut data backup services right off at some higher level so i don't have to deal with them or worry that they will turn on accidently ?
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    if you go into phone and preferences you can just turn data off.
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    "if you go into phone and preferences you can just turn data off."

    right, tried that but it just keeps spinning and won't resolve

    i think the problem is that there is no actual data plan to turn off since i haven't even activated the phone or bought a data plan

    i wasn't sure if there might be a higher level way to turn it off just to make sure it never activates

    also, why would it allow me to make a call ?
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    not sure about how it allowed you to make a call. I have a couple of unactivated Pres that I wish could make calls. What keeps spinning?
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    the dialog box just keep spinning, nothing happens

    i am totally new to the pre just got it yesterday ...

    i am assuming what is happening is that it's looking for an account to actually stop backing up but since i bypassed the palm profile screen there is actually no account to stop backing up TO

    does that make sense ?
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    Not really. There is a patch to bypass activation in preware. Put the device into developer mode webos20090606 and restart Pre. Then go here to download the standalone Preware installer and download the bypass activation. Take a screenshot of the spinning orange/white key+sym key+ p key.
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    I think if you simply dismissed/closed the Backup program, it would shut it off.
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    i solved by installing preware and then arthurthornton's show first app localized for canada (which worked great)

    that allowed me to create a palm profile and then i was able to go in and just turn off backup

    thanks guys for replying

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