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    sorry for not doing the obligatory search for this topic but i don't know enough to even ask the right question has lowered the no contract price of the palm pre to $149.95 so i bought one to use on prepaid ... 13 days later it finally arrived

    now they tell me that i have to subscribe to the wireless data plan even to use my home wifi (contrary to what i was told by in their direct sales department)

    i make about 2 phone calls a month and am retired so i don't really want to pay $10 a month for the data plan plus $10 a month on prepaid... was hoping to just use it at home on wifi

    have got an rma on the way but would really like to keep this phone (even though i can't even get in to the home screen since i can't get past the "activate" screen) since i like it a lot

    can i just buy the internet plan for a month and then cancel and somehow then use just wifi ?

    they seem to be telling me that i can't use ANY wifi (mine or hotpsots or any) unless i am subscribed to a "mobile internet plan"

    the people at have been such clueless boobs that i don't think they even understand their own products

    i realize that $20 a month is not a lot for many people out there but it is for me as i am retired and this would come out to about $12 a phone call or something for me :-)

    any advice from you guys would be great
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    Activate Data for a month or so then delete, will continu to work !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoatMan View Post
    Activate Data for a month or so then delete, will continu to work !!
    He's on prepaid. I think Bell does restrict the Pre on prepaid accounts.

    Alternatively can try Meta-Doctor to bypass First Use, enable Wi-Fi then run the app again to set up. I've heard reports that works with Bell. but I still think the restriction has to do with prepaid.
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