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    I am having problems flipping the display between portrait and landscape on my Pre Plus. It is working Sometimes and sometimes not. I notice that it works a while after a restart and gets stuck somewhere. Just think when the display is stuck upside-down while using keyboard to enter text . Tried everything I can think of, keep it streight for a while for accelorometer to register the position and change it, fast rotation, holding it upright to rotate, changing it horizontal big/short jerkings. Nothing - if I restart, it works for few minutes and stops.

    Any one had the same issue and got the resolution, appreciate your sharing.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Any help on this
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    sometimes when the cpu is busy with the browser is will hesitate. I just turn it up side down and wait. Over clocking also helps speed it up. I also use the patch that locks orientation when the slider is open.

    and keep fingers off display area including the proximity sensor.

    somewhere in all of that should be a solution that will work for you.

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