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    Hi guys,

    has anyone any experience removing the digitizer,LCD from the holding? I know that it seems glued to together or something..

    or it is something like the palm V which required a heating plate / hairdryer to soften the glue b4 removal?
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    somewhere around here is a discussion about how that ruins the fluid it sits over and messes up the display. I think sketch42 tried it. You might want to send him a PM to ask.
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    Yes, there is a fluid between the digitizer and the panel underneath. It has to be perfectly spread and is almost impossible to manually do it.
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    Yes sir.. No can do you need to buy the screen digitizer and front housing as one unit

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    hmm..ok I guess it was some Palm designers smart idea for an "integrated" part for the palm if we could be directed to those Pre 2 front housing with, would not mind replacing mine with that lol.

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