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    sorry i didn't post this in the other forum but i din't have the privilages to post there.

    I downloaded webos quick install so i could put homebrew apps on my pre but when i started it it asked me what my provider was and because i am in the uk on 02 i chose emulator (silly mistake i think) and now my pre will not be recognised.

    when i connected my pre i left it on 'just charge'. do i need to change that?
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    make sure you are in developr mode before connecting to your pc. You are correct selecting 'just charge' and get the correct doctor version
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmprehadidimoud View Post
    ...i chose emulator (silly mistake i think) and now my pre will not be recognised...
    In WebOS Quick Install, under File -> Options, change "Device to use" to USB Device. Also make sure your device is in Developer Mode. Perform a Universal Search for webos20090606. The Developer app icon will appear, launch it, enable developer mode, reboot device as instructed. Have fun with WebOS Quick Install.
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