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    As a dj i get alot of artists, producers, and record labels sending me mp3s and links to download their music off the web... Downloading or streaming these songs on the pre usually works well thanks to the multi mod patch...

    However the pre is sensitive to mp3 file names....seems that any mp3 file names that have spaces in them will get changed to %20...

    for example:
    Far East Movement - Like A G6

    will get changed to:


    The changed file will not play until i rename it with Internalz or in usb mode

    this really annoying because i go thru tons of music...

    Why does the pre change the file name like this?
    why is the pre so sensitive to the mp3 file name?
    is there any type of fix for this issue?
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    I'm not a Dev, so, this will be some extra context vs. a solution. The %20 replacement for spaces is pretty common-place with Web technologies, admittedly, irritating at best to humans.

    To hazard a guess, I suspect the true solution likes in a tweak to the Multi-Mod patch to ensure that it re-translates the filename back to having spaces when it performs the write-operation to your downloads folder.

    As to your other question: no idea why the Pre can't handle those chars. in the filename -- perhaps Palm built in some filters to keep system-level data from showing in the music player? (pure guess).

    If you don't get other feedback here, I would suggest searching out the MultiMod patch thread and asking the developer directly if there's anything that can be done with the filename when saving the file.

    Good luck & keep us all posted.
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