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    I was wondering what UK specific apps those of us in the UK use?

    Here is my list I have downloaded, short I know but I can't find many dedicated apps for the UK:

    The Tube (as I live in London)
    Evening Standard
    Spotify (If it was free I would use it but can't the monthly subs!)
    02 Priority
    Beeb News (Links you to the BBC mobile site)

    Are there any other UK apps that others use?

    I would like to see a proper UK satnav, Amazon MP3 (UK version), Sky News, BBC iPlayer apps and personally a Proboards app. Any others people would to see?
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    There's Manchester Evening News,and that's about it!
    Also,i can't see it growing much,or it would have already.Let's hope i'm wrong.
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    PalmDoc has one called "BBC News"
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    PalmDoc has one called "BBC News"
    I think you mean Beeb News, as listed by the OP.
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    I've got 4 London Tube apps:
    London Tube Service, Free & Beta (2)
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    Might also be worth noting that 'Bike Sharing' covers the London Boris Bikes scheme as well as the schemes in Cardiff and Reading (and quite a lot of other schemes worldwide).

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