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    For the past couple months I've had this issue...

    I frequently miss calls (from mobile & land lines) without a missed call notification or ring. If they don't leave a voicemail I have no idea that the call happened. On their end, it sounds just like it would if it rang and rang before going to voicemail.

    Somewhat related is the delay of received (and sometimes sent) SMS text messages. They come in between 20min and 6 hours late sometimes (other times instantly). Like today, two texts (one 20min late, the other 50min late) came in at the same time, the instant my phone started to ring. It's like they were in queue, but my phone was ignoring the tower until a call came in.

    Both happen regardless of location (I have nearly full signal strength at my house, otherwise I am near downtown Austin, TX).

    I am running a number of patches as well as having Google voice linked to this number. But as far as I can remember, all of that was in place well before the problems started to occur.

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    which carrier? And how often. Does it happen a bunch of times in a row? Any difference if the txt is coming from someone on a different carrier?

    we have seen that a few times on all the phones in our family, om the chea featureless phones to my Pre, and many in between. I've always assumed it was a shift in the verizon matrix because it didn't happen often.
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    I'm with Sprint, and this happens nearly on a daily basis, with at least one call. Sometimes a bunch in a row, other times just a single instance. The SMS issue is slightly less frequent, but I notice it most with my girlfriend (also on Sprint).
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    hmm, both using a webOS phone?

    and have you updated your roaming table lately? I think sprint calls it a PRS or something like that...
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    No, she has a BB. Yeah, I've updated the PRL & network settings
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    if you both have the issue with different phones, does it seem to happen at about the same time?

    it sounds to me like the problem is with the sprint network, either periodic network failures or periodic overloading their systems.
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    That's odd, I am on Sprint and have never had these problems, except for when I was in an area with bad coverage, which is a rare thing.

    My son is also on Sprint, with a WebOS phone and his calls and texts come in immediately, my friend Kari is on Sprint with an Evo and I also gets hers with no problems.

    Have you done any other tweaking to the phone? Things you manually had to do or have you just stuck with Preware for patches?

    I know there was one tweak that can screw with how often your phone pings the tower, so a call or text may not come through right when it is supposed to.
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    No rhyme or reason to the times either...

    As far as mods go, just preware stuff. Some various appearance patches, uberkernal, etc.

    I just spoke with adv support at Sprint. He checked out my tower and switch status and everything looks really good. He suspects flaky radio hardware in my phone. I'm thinking about removing all my tweaks and bringing it in...
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    I've had this problem since I got my first Pre, last Oct. Can't remember if I had the same problem with the Moment. Sucks when getting several texts and they are all out of order.
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    This has been happening to me all week. Sprint, have 2 Pre's in the house w/ nearly identical patches etc and only happens on mine. Updated settings numerous times. Phone isn't being used while this is happening. No missed call notification, no missed call in log, absolutely nothing - just the voicemail notification after the person leaves a message (or text.)

    Random calls do come in, I would say about half (but really don't know what I'm missing from people who dont text or leave a vm)

    Would WD help possibly or is that a waste? Thought maybe it was a Sprint or area issue but bf's Pre is totally fine - calls that are through GV and linked to both our numbers go to his phone okay and not to me.
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    I have had this issue with calls occasionally, but only when at work (roaming on Verizon). I have also noticed that I often get a "network busy" error when I try to make a call from work as well. If the caller doesn't leave a voicemail, I never find out that I missed a call.

    Verizon has a history of screwing with Sprint customers in the area, so in my case I know it is Verizon pushing roamers to the back of the queue to save their overtaxed network. It can be a nuisance, but it has nothing to do with the Pre.
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    This happens to me and my husband sometimes, too. Verizon, dumbphone and a Pre. Can happen anywhere with a call from anyone.

    I suspect it is an issue with the towers/carrier and not a problem with the phones, though.
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    I..err...My having the SAME problem! She has a Pixi...and it's been happening for a few months now. She has NO patches...actually she won't even let me get to the point of getting it in Dev mode...

    I've tried doctoring...twice...I've tried Updating the network and PRL settings...Not sure what else to do. 50% of the calls I make to here...she doesn't get. 50% of the texts I send...she doesn't get until much later, usually after she sends a text.

    We are both on Sprint, and I have a Pre. Not sure how often it happens to other people who may try to contact her.

    I thought it might be Sprint at first, but I find it hard to believe it would last this long if it were a network issue. She's had her Pixi for about a year with no trouble.

    Any solutions yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pointy View Post
    If you are using Preware (which you should be cus its awesome), that might be causing your issues.

    If you update ANYTHING via preware, not just homebrew, you must do a luna restart. ANY app...thats Palm app catalog apps, homebrew, and patches.

    If you do not do the luna restart, you will miss phone calls and text messages. Many times your phone will restart itself when receiving a text or phone call. I think it has something to do with the phone/messagind background process. If you open the phone and messaging apps, the problem wont occur.

    The fix is to do a luna restart any time you update anything via preware.
    I do on my pre, but my wife is not..never has..on her pixi.

    On a side note, I did consider installing a different kernel to see if that would help with anything...something faster.

    Any ideas if that would even remotely be a temporary fix?
    Psalm 11:6
    Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone,
    and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup.
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    I had a problem with missed calls and text. It went on for almost a week, the same day I was goin to call sprint, sprint called me and told me my phone had bin cloned and they had to reprogram my phone. After that my phone is working better then ever. I'm glad sprint caught this cause I just thought my phone was crapping out. I'm not saying this the problem in all of your phones because I'm sure you'd see some big charges on your bill. Sprint said the clone charged about $600 in international calls my bill.

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