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    I am looking to pick up a Palm Pre Plus in February now (shakes fist at AT&T) which I will have for about 2 months before my plan is renewed. I want to make sure I nab some great games while I'm in the webOS ring. Any suggestions = greatly appreciated.
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    The top 3 for me are 1. Deer Hunter 2. Angry Birds 3. Jump O'Clock
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    1. Angry Birds
    2. Smiles
    3. Dungeon Hunter

    Which reminds me. I need to go back and play Dungeon Hunter again with a different character. Of course it is Christmas and my boys are getting a Kinect for our Xbox 360, plus a bunch of other games (all of which I want to play as well), so it may be a while before I do any more serious gaming on my Pre Plus. ;-)
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    1) Angry Birds
    2) Nuclear Attack
    3) Dot Game

    Dean M.
    Sacramento, Ca.
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    Im a noob but so far

    Deer Hunter 3D
    Need for speed underground
    Crusade of destiny
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    Fall E
    The Helicopter
    Cloud Hopper
    Jump O'clock
    Rednecks vs Aliens
    Dead Runner
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    1 - Angry Birds
    2 - Critical Mass
    3 - Video Poker
    4 - Tanks
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