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    Wifes Nokia E71x wasn't acting like we thought a phone should (like keeping calls connected) so we upgraded it. Got a Pre... for 250 no obligation price. It was supposed to be 400 but there was a wrong price tag at the display and my ATT store honored it and then changed it.

    Walked out with 2 cases (to distinguish ours apart), a car charger, and a touchstone for 350ish... about 50 less than the phone should have cost from the get go.

    Got home and had it up and running in about 2 hours...I:
    doctored it to 1.4.5
    installed freetetherd
    installed freetether
    installed mhs (its att so I have to actually install is using wosqi)
    patched to fix reset options
    updated mhs to 1.1.4 (and patched it)
    installed govnah
    installed preware
    installed uber and set screenstate to 150mhz, 1ghz screenstate
    synced with google
    synced with facebook
    and got usb tethering going.
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    Please let us know how she likes the new Pre.
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    I've had mine for about 7 months now, so she already knew what she was getting into. If the iPhone was 300 cheaper, she would have gotten that. Same for the droid. She sees the phone as a device that should work without any required maintanence. She doesn't live by her phone. As long as she can text a few times a month, tether, and place calls using our gigaset bluetooth device she couldn't care less. Hell, a dumb phone could have met her needs but she likes being able to get her email anywhere.
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    We swapped my wife's work Blackberry for a Pre Plus a month or so ago, and she's fallen in love with her new phone. I worried about it at the time because she's the type to get frustrated if something doesn't work just right, but we've had minimal problems. She's running largely patch-free, with the exception of being overclocked to 800mhz and adding the battery percentage patch.

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