View Poll Results: Will the WebOS 2.0 update make the original Pre useless?

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  • The Pre will be no slower and might even be better.

    109 92.37%
  • The Pre won't be able to handle it; the performance will be so bad that it'll become useless.

    9 7.63%
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    Ive already seen some video of 2.0 on an original Pre. Made possible by a hacked rom or something. Seemed to work fine.
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    It's supposed to be able to run under current hardware, and it may run even at 600Ghz on standard devices. That video looks fine, so we can assume it runs nicely.
    Also, as we no longer have java services, the memory used for the java compiler/interpreter is freed, so it should be faster!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Nope. Palm and various carriers have said it will be available for all current hardware. And remember that most developers are using Pre- and Pre+ devices still.

    No worries.
    Yeah I heard that too. But that doesn't mean the deployment of WebOS 2 will be identical on every hardware platform.

    I have my Pre1 overclocked to 720Mhz and using cards it works nicely enough but I still get TMC errors. I can't imagine dumbing it back to 600Mhz & installing WebOS2, that stacked cards isn't going to make it crazy slow
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