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    Hi All,

    My Pre is showing a SOS only, need help to fix this
    and Yes.. I am to blame for this!

    I had disassembled my pre to check my wifi/bluetooth connections (as they dont work properly)..After assembly the phone reports a SoS only..
    At my wits end..I have checked & re-checked connections, but need some fresh angle..

    Any diagonistic software which I can use...? Palm reports modem error 1000.

    HALP !
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    Did you remove any ribbon cables or anything like that? Perhaps you bent one of the ribbon cables (which could cause it to break inside and then render it useless)?

    You could see if you could send it in for warranty replacement if you're still covered, but you technically broke your warranty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Yes, some of it, I dont know which one will give me more information.
    I tried PmModemUpdater -i with the following output..
    (PmModemUpdater -i Start a data/voice test on your umts modem directly)

    root@palm-webos-device:/# PmModemUpdater -i
    PmModemUpdater -i
    $ Modem is powered-on
    Warning! Please make sure you have a healthy battery or using a power supply before you do your update
    Warning! You can potentially trashed your modem firmware if system lost the power in the middle of updating firm
    Warning! To Stop it now, ctrl+c

    PmModemUpdater Version Dec. 2009 @Palm Inc

    $ Voice/Data Test via HCI
    (00434/601052245) powerd (stop) running, process 1939
    (00434/601601562) powerd (stop) pre-stop, (main) process 1939
    (00434/601967773) powerd (stop) stopping, process 1939
    (00434/614968261) powerd (stop) killed, process 1939
    (00434/615883788) powerd (stop) post-stop
    (00434/616158447) powerd (stop) waiting
    $ PowerD Stopped successfully!
    (00434/650948486) PmWanDaemon (stop) running, process 1975
    (00434/652047118) PmWanDaemon (stop) pre-stop, (main) process 1975
    (00434/653206786) PmWanDaemon (stop) stopping, process 1975
    (00434/654458007) PmWanDaemon (stop) killed, process 1975
    (00435/199440917) PmWanDaemon (stop) post-stop
    (00435/200417480) PmWanDaemon (stop) waiting
    $ PmWanDaemon Stopped successfully!
    (00435/244637450) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (stop) running, process 1943
    (00435/245766601) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (stop) pre-stop, (main) process 1943
    (00435/246895751) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (stop) stopping, process 1943
    (00435/281166991) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (stop) killed, process 1943
    (00435/284035644) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (stop) post-stop
    (00435/284798583) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (stop) waiting
    $ TIL Stopped successfully!
    ** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, {"returnValue":true}
    Pass-through disabled
    $ Passthrough Disabled!.
    $ Disable handshaking in ROM
    $ Probing modem.............
    * Modem Firmware Info *
    * COMP DATE = May 12 201016:30:3405/12/2010
    * REL DATE = 05/12/2010
    * HW VERSION = 100D00E1
    * MOB MODEL = BA
    * EX BUILD ID = CU0.5.42(257)
    $ EVT3 or later device found, no need to config charging!
    $ Finished detecting Modem!
    $Test Finished!
    $ Enable handshaking in ROM Enable handshaking in ROM
    $ Please wait while restoring TIL/WAN.....
    (00437/94124755) powerd (start) waiting
    (00437/94765624) powerd (start) starting
    (00437/95131835) powerd (start) pre-start, process 2033
    (00437/123452148) powerd (start) spawned, process 2036
    (00437/124611816) powerd (start) post-start, (main) process 2036
    (00437/125893554) powerd (start) running, process 2036
    $ powerd Restored successfully!
    (00437/213936767) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (start) waiting
    (00437/215157470) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (start) starting
    (00437/217385253) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (start) pre-start
    (00437/218422851) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (start) spawned, process 2040
    (00437/219643554) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (start) post-start, (main) process 2040
    (00437/222268066) TelephonyInterfaceLayer (start) running, process 2040
    $ TIL Restored successfully!
    (00439/275277099) PmWanDaemon (start) waiting
    (00439/277321777) PmWanDaemon (start) starting
    (00439/278176269) PmWanDaemon (start) pre-start
    (00439/279335937) PmWanDaemon (start) spawned, process 2057
    (00439/280587157) PmWanDaemon (start) post-start, (main) process 2057
    (00439/281807861) PmWanDaemon (start) running, process 2057
    $ PmWanDaemon Restored successfully!

    Can somebody can try this command & let me know the difference?
    Also any example of using & diagnostic with PmLinuxModemCmd ?

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    Just wondering...

    Will be palm repair warranty still cover this as a free repair ?
    (The phone has been opened & the seal under the screw removed)
    Or do palm repair always charge for this type of repair ?
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    There are a few Plam stickers on the screws, when removing them you are killing your warrenty

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