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    I recently switched services over to Sprint, and got the Palm Pre. My only problem is that Sprint Navigation isn't available on my Pre. Is there a reason for this? And is there a way I can get it.
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    it should be there... did you buy it new or used... if used there may be the hide sprint nav patch installed.

    if new you can doctor the phone and it should come back, otherwise return for another
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    i have no idea tbh. have you tried a google search?
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    If all else fails, run WOS DOctor and it should show up.
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    Yes, my guess agrees with Sketch's, it was probably used, even if you got it from Sprint, it could still be a refurb and whomever had it, before, probably used the patch to hide it.
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    No, the phone was new.
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    Then try the Doctor, as suggested in the other posts.
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    it could just be hidden. Swipe up to show launcher. Pull down menu from upper left and press list all apps. Scroll down to the second division of apps. If it's listed it should be faded. Press it once and choose show. If it's not in list then a trip to the doctor will be your best bet. Good luck.

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