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    are you with sprint? if so i highly recommend taking their offer and getting a evo or epic. you will not regret it. lets face it, any new webos phone for sprint wouldn't hit the stores until at least summer/fall 2011.
    um, just curious. where are you getting your information for release dates? do you happen to work for hp palm or sprint? i would like a source confirmation if you have one. if true, i may have to upgrade sooner than that. i'm going to ces in jan., so hopefully i can get more info. there.
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    Oh I see! I opted out of that 10/month insurance place with them... But I guess as long as you have had it you kinda paid for the Evo anyways! :-) j/k but seriously tho congrats on getting a new phone.

    I just got my 6th new Pre 2 weeks ago... this should hold me over until something new comes out on Sprint!
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    update: the pre i got off ebay didnt work... so i think since my contract ends in may i just activated the evo and will use that as my primary... not bad device... but im gonna just hang out a bit and see what hp palm releases... thanks to everyone for their help
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