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    Ok, so I was a Treo 650 user until a year ago when my wife got me a Blackberry Curve 8330. The BB was nice, but was too slow for me and limited in what it could do. I decided to use my Sprint upgrade to get a new phone but all the new BB's didn't do it for me and the Droid phones, well let's just say I want to keep all my contact, etc. limited to my phone and PC. I scored a used Palm Pre on eBay with accessories rather cheaply and since I was interested in the Pre when it first came out, I went for it.

    Ok, enough with the history. I was playing with the Pre yesterday after activating it and have some serious questions. First, how the hell do you invite a contact from your calendar? I aleady installed Pocket Mirror to sync with Outlook, but is there any way to invite a contact from the Pre thru email, like the BB or the Treo, or do it directly from the calendar? I constantly use the calendar for personal events and do not want to upload events to a server for all the world to see. I also do not want to sync with my PC when I come home from work and remember to invite people then. The whole idea of a PDA is to make life easy. If I can't do what I want it to, then I might as well get a free flip phone and call it a day.

    Also, my wife tried to send me a calendar event from her BB Curve to my optonline email and when I opened the email, there's nothing there. Well there is something, but its all code, no link to click, nothing. We tried sending it to my AOL account to see what that would do and it came in as an attachment the Pre didn't recognize. All I have to say is ***. Palm used to rule these kind of features, what happened?

    Is there any app or update that can address these problems? I'm afraid if I can't fix this, there will be a Pre on eBay for sale soon.
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    currently there is no way to invite from the phone other than to send a regular email. I suggest you put personal events in gmail or yahoo to separate.

    if you are syncing with exchange, you may be able to create a second calendar folder in outlook that won't sync to the server (same as a local address book). Not sure, and I can't test to see because I am betwwen jobs and don't have access to an exchange server.

    I agree about not wanting important stuff in google, so I also use pocket mirror to sync outlook to my pre.

    I know you can accept outlook invites on the pre, but i'm not sure of the format when coming directly from blackberry. Check the blackberry to see if there are options.

    also create a free gmail account to test. I don't want to be critical of aol mail, but... So try it on the email that behaves most like exchange (gmail supports push like BB and Exchange do).

    let us know what you find out from trying these things.

    and wekcome to your new addiction. Once you start playing with preware and also overclocking, you will never look back.

    and webOS 2.0 is just around the corner, with even more cool stuff!
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    Thanks for the reply. We played with the BB last night to see if there were options as to format for the calendar events and as far as we can tell, it is what it is. You invite the attendee and that's that. As it stands now, I would have to accept the invite from Outlook on my PC then sync to the Pre to get it into the Pre's calendar.

    I will give the GMail thing a shot, but something tells me it won't solve my problems. We just tested getting an event from Outlook to my email on my Pre. While the email comes in, it contains an attachment, a .dat file extension. The Pre says it doesn't recognize it, so I'm back to square one. When I receive a calendar event to my AOL address, the attachment contains a .ics extension, another format not recognized. I can't believe WebOS has been out there for over a year and a half and nothing has come out to address this simple task that ever other phone can do.
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    I think it needs to be an iCal format for the Pre to see it. I'd be surprised if you can't get them sent that way... so I would think you should be able to use .ics within the pre.

    You can also check your app defaults to see if you have the choice to associate .ics with the calendar app.

    also, try creating a calendar invite in the gmail calendar and see what format that is when it arrives on your pre (invite yourself).

    The inability to invite from the phone has been a long-standing complaint, and I'm sure HP will fix that because they will have to suffer with that as they use the Pre in their company. Hopefully soon.

    I was able to accept appointments from exchange. I'll mess around with inviting myself from outlook and gmail to see what I get.
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    OK, I just sent a gmail invite to another gmail account and a pop3 account I have on my personal mail domain.

    Both arrived with an .ics file the pre couldn't handle, but in the body of the email was a link to accept/decline. tapping those links popped up a browser with a message confirming that I had accepted.

    The challenge will be whether or not I get a third copy when I accept it in outlook and sync outlook to my phone.

    also, try having the BB send an invite to the gmail account, and have the gmail account autoforward or redirect it to the mail account you use with outlook. Maybe gmail will add the web links to the outgoing invite... you should be able to redirect another email account to/from gmail so that users can still use your optimumonline email address.

    My guess is that you will be able to accept invites directly coming from exchange, and maybe by routing personal invites to or through gmail you will solve it for invites coming from contacts outside of work...

    google calendar tip: you have to enable your calendar to support mobile before it will sync with your phone...

    also, you can remove the gmail account from your email app while leaving it in your calender app if all this redirecting stuff ends up working...
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    ok, a little more testing. when I got the invite in my pop3 account, I could accept it such that the organizer new I accepted, but it didn't actually add it to the pre calendar.
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    Well I just tried getting the event invite to my gmail account and it came in with a .ics attachment that wasn't recognized and the body of the email could not be downloaded for some reason. We tried this twice. Total bust.

    I then tried entering an event into the Google calendar and emailing that from my phone with the web browser, that worked. My wife was able to accept it and enter it into her calendar. I was also able to sync that event into the Pre's calendar and it stayed there even after I erased it from Google. So, this may be a temporary solution for the time being. Hopefully, HP addresses this problem in it next update.

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