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    Hello everyone Ive been a long time reader but ive never posted. Well my blackberry curve 8530 decided to poo out on me. So i decided to make the dive to a Palm Pre. Well I recieved it and everything was just dandy. I got preware installed...and installed a few patches (none having anything to do with audio). But now im having an odd problem. For some reason after I did reboot today ive noticed that my notification volume has increased, Dramatically. Before with the volume all the way up, ringtones and notifications played at a nice volume and they came out crystal clear. Now for some reason they are extremely loud. Almost twice the volume. Its so loud that when i place it on the touchstone and it plays the Charging Notification, the slide rattles. And the ring tone is horribly distorted. Ive also noticed that my in call volume, my blue tooth earpiece volume, and my music/media, have all gone up almost twice as well. Is there anything I can do? I really would like to fix this as for i am in fear of damaging the speakers. Thank you in advance for any advice you guys in this great community can give me.
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    Did you look in the sounds&ringtones app to see where the volume settings are?

    If you are hearing distorted sounds, your speaker may be bad. There have been others here that have reported blowing that speaker. I think it's a defect more than playing too loud. It shouldn't be able to reach a volume high enough to damage anything,

    You may need to ask for a replacement.

    You may find some additional info or help in this thread:
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    Well. Heres whats really confusing me. I just restarted java, then restarted luna with Luna Manager. Now Everything is back to normal. My audio is Loud but not too loud and my ringtones and sounds come out crystal clear now. Hurm. Thank you for the info though. I was worried that I was gonna blow a speaker in a newly refurbished phone.

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