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    I just got swapped out my pre for another pre at sprint about a week or two ago. This is about my seventh new pre (I lost count). Now this one also has problems. Everytime I put it on charge the entire backlight goes out. Its not just set to zero, its the whole light its out. Now if I squeeze the screen, the light comes back on and thats the only way it comes back on. Pulling the battery doesn't even fix it. Do I have to swap it out again? Please someone tell me that there's a way to fix this. I hate swapping out my phone all the time and then having to set everything up again.
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    Definitely a reason to replace. Refurb doesn't mean old and broken down, it means that it meets the specs for a new one.

    In order to make setting things up on the new one easier, be sure you use the "saved package list" in Preware settings menu to save your patches and preware stuff, followed by using the Save/Restore app in Preware to back up application data. Then you can copy the contents of your USB storage to the new phone, reverse the process, and very quickly recover your configuration.

    I got up around 70 patches and it took about an hour for me to migrate to a new phone once I got the hang of those 3 steps.
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    Yeah I guess I'll have to go through that once again. I didn't want to keep doing that. It seems like a replace my phone every month. It's just annoying and it makes the pre seem like trash when other people see I have to keep replacing it. The next webos phone better have wayyyyy better hardware and have a lot fewer problems than the pre. I love webos and I don't want to go to android. I trying to hold out with my pre until the next phone hopefully.

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