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    Well, it's not a very epic tale...

    I recently took my Palm Pre in to Sprint regarding some charging issues it had. It would also freeze up on occasion. I was told I'd get a replacement part, and that they offered to send it to the store or my house. I just had them send it to the store since I'm still recovering from a major cross-country move.

    That "part" happened to be a replacement Pre.

    I wish I had it sent to my home address instead, because the Pre I got behaves, or rather appears, a smidgen differently from the one I originally had, that I had purchased shortly after the phone became available online (within 6 weeks). It would have been nice to actively compare the two.

    The differences I've discovered so far:
    - The round circle looks more metallic, like the top bar (maybe I just got used to the wear on it?)
    - The "I'm dead" battery when charging a pre with no battery life is smaller and more squared on the edges
    - Instead of three, there are only two options when I plug the phone into a PC: USB Drive and Just Charge. (But this may be due to having a subpar USB cable that I need to replace. I r n00b. I have a screenshot if anyone requires.)

    I'm not a power-user, so those are the only differences I've noticed so far.

    I don't have anything to compare this to with my older Pre, but there's also these details:

    Version: Palm webOS 1.4.5
    Configuration: Sprint 2.5

    Does anyone else know what other differences I might encounter with this Pre over my near-launch Pre?
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    The change two "just charge or USB" is something Palm changed as a default somewhere around 1.4.x

    It wouldn't have changed your default if you did an OTA update on the original phone, but the default would change on the freshly doctored phone they sent you. You can turn the "itunes sync" option back on, but Palm gave up on trying to use iTunes to sync so it's off unless you specifically turn it on.

    Not sure about the "battery" symbol but that is also probably related to a newer production run of the system board.

    Sprint users have reported that the button was also changed. I would guess it was (at least partially) to identify later production runs, or at least change in suppliers for that particular part.

    Hopefully you've noticed an improvement in the keyboard, which some Sprint users have reported when getting replacements recently.

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