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    I've got a Sprint Pre that's going strong for over a year. However, my battery is crapping out, the headphone jack is wonky, and worst of all, I can't get audio unless I'm on speaker, headset, or constantly wiggling the slider. The screen is pristine, however and it has minimal Oreo effect.

    I held out as long as I could hoping for a new WebOS device in the US. Because I'm a fanatic for the platform and a glutton for punishment, I've decided to wait a bit longer, for CES, in case they actually announce something I'll be able to buy. I have to do something about my current woes, however.

    To last through CES, I just picked up another Sprint Pre. This one is a great compliment to my Pre. The headphone jack works and there's no wonky audio wiggling problem. The screen, however, is in pretty rough shape and it's got the worst Oreo I've ever seen.

    FrankenPre? I like to disassemble stuff, but if it's too risky or the WebOS device of my dreams is right around the corner ... I'll use it as is.

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    Did you think about getting a Pre Plus and doing an advanced FrankenPre? There is a company that will do the work for you. If you check with them, they may also be willing to combine your two "minus" phones for the same labor cost.

    Personally, I wouldn't try it. I took my PalmV apart back in the day, and I ruined important stuff that turned into a costly repair. But that's me.
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    I'm poking around on the forums and I see the process described. I think I could do it ... but I'd be more inclined to try if someone had done a detailed breakdown of the parts in question ...

    As for the Pre Plus, I ended up with a minus just because a colleague was getting rid of one cheap, and I'm slightly hopeful that CES will bear fruit. If that happens, I won't have so much angst over having a minus instead of a Plus.

    That said, who is the company doing the conversions?
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    It sounds as if your first Pre is suffering from "Stuck in the Headset Mode."

    IMO, the problem is caused by the Pre's headset jack allowing dirt,dust,lint,etc. to clog the switch that changes the sound from the front (ear-positioned) mini-speaker to the headset. When you remove the headset,the switch remains jammed and doesn't allow the sound to return to the front speaker. Thus,the only way you can hear is by selecting the rear (louder) speaker or use a headset.
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    Hey Cantaffordit, thanks for the mention.

    As for OP:

    You can take out the headset jack from your "good" Pre and put it into your old one. That will alleviate all of your audio issues. It's also a fairly easy to do process. If you'd like, I can give you detailed instructions on how to do it. Heck, I can do it for you for free if you'd like. Just cover shipping costs...

    I, unfortunately, can't take pictures of it from my own phones because I don't have a good camera. However, there's many sites around here, as well as on this forum, there's very good high quality pictures that I can use as props to direct you, if you'd like.
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    I don't think it's the headset jack (I've danced that one too). I can fix it by wiggling the slider. The sound will crackle in and out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dillononthecoast View Post
    I don't think it's the headset jack (I've danced that one too). I can fix it by wiggling the slider. The sound will crackle in and out.
    The sound crackles in and out because the headphone jacks on a lot of Pre's are very poorly made (I've had 4 different Pre's where the crackling is an issue). You can find out if it is in headset mode by making a call and during the call, press the speakerphone icon. It should switch to speakerphone (with a loud speaker icon), press it again and it should switch to "speaker" (with a phone shaped icon). If it switches to "speaker" and it is not a phone shaped icon, but a headphone shaped icon, then your phone is stuck in headset mode.
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    When I was having headset jack problems before, it would toggle between headset and non-headset modes. If I put it in speaker, it would toggle into headset mode.

    Now it stays in the mode I expect it too, but I have to wiggle the oreo to get sound through the earpiece speaker.

    This seems different, but I'm open to it. I disassembled the "new" pre to see how hard it would be to get at the screen. I got down the the logic board but didn't go any further. I'm confident I can do a headset jack swap, so I'll give this a shot.
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    I'm gonna give this a shot:
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    Palm Pre headphone jack repair

    Sorry - had to split it into 2 posts due to annoying 10 post count rule.
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    Hmmm, I am going to tentatively and skeptically report success. After trying my hands at the disassembling the Pre with the scratched display, I took my old one apart, removed the jack, cleaned it thoroughly with alcohol, and reassembled the whole kit. Now it seems to work ok.

    I also ordered 2 junk Pre Pluses from eBay. Both have bad ESNs. One will be for parts, and the other will get the comm board out of my junk Pre minus.

    Then I should have 1 Sprint FrankenPre Plus, 1 Sprint Pre Minus, 1 junk Verizon Pre Plus, and a small pile of spare parts.

    Regardless of what happens "in the comming months" I should be set for a while.

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