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    So, I don't know if it was a good idea or not, but I convinced my 60+ year old mother to get a Pre Plus from AT&T. She's had the phone for a couple weeks now and just emailed this morning saying she had to return the first one b/c it overheated and quit charging. She got a replacement on Wednesday and charged it overnight, but said the charge only lasted 1 hr. Does any of this sound like a familiar problem to anyone? My tendency is to think she's just not doing something right. I've never had my phone overheat, so I don't know how one would know that it is overheated or not. Thankfully, I'm driving home for the holidays tomorrow, so I'll be able to troubleshoot it with her. Just thought I'd check here first to see if this was a common problem or if it's more likely user related.
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    Since the issue is still happening after the replacement, I would almost have to think that it might be touchstone related(if she is using that) I am guessing you are taking your touchstone along, try charging it on yours to see if there is are any issues. Also, it might be battery related where she just had a battery that failed and the new battery might need to be calibrated. Might see if the battery isn't seated correctly and not getting the correct charge. One last thing is to see if there are any apps that are open which could be sucking life out of the battery. Good luck and let us know if you need anything.
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    If the battery showed a full charge and then discharged in an hour, then there's definately a problem.
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    She doesn't have a Touchstone as of yet. I did buy one for her though and am taking that with me. I highly doubt she's using any apps at all, so I can't think that'd be the problem. We'll see!
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    It's also possible that she isn't getting it set properly on the touchstone, so it really isn't charging. Are you able to see this in person to check? The best way I've found to make sure the touchstone is properly attached is to put the phone slightly above where you know it should go and let gravity slide it down so it "snaps" into place.

    Also, for battery sake you should turn off anything she is unlikely to use, like the GPS radio, wifi, facebook, etc. based on your knowledge of what she needs. And probably turn the screen brightness down.

    And if none of that works, DSPKweb's thoughts on the touchstone itself having issues is also a possibility, once you are sure it's being attached correctly.
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    look at some of the battery threads. During the first few weeks the pre is doing a lot of background syncing, and the battery overheats. Once it's done things get better. Also make sure you look at how often her email is syncing, turn off facebook notifications, perform a prl update, and turn off instant messaging!

    see my post from way back in feb titled "40 days and 40 nights" as I had a similar issue.
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