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    I swear I'm not beating a dead horse, but I've noticed a strange behavior on my VZW Pre Plus GPS. I'm sure this has been mentioned by others, but I've spent more time in the Pre 2 thread lately, so I may have missed it. No matter where I am, I can only get a GPS lock if I open VZ Nav FIRST and then open Google Maps. Nothing new there. However, I live in Charleston, SC and when I do that, it will find my location, but will NOT update my location while I am driving/walking unless I close and reopen VZ Nav then switch back to the map. On the other hand, I was in Columbia, SC (about 90 minutes away) last night and, though I still had to use the VZ Nav trick to get a lock on my location, it consistently updated my location while I was driving. I had a similar experience while I was in Baltimore a few months back and while visiting my parents in Pennsylvania (rural) in the summer. In Greenville, SC the experience is similar to that in location update with restarting VZ Nav.

    I'm not a tech expert or anything, but would that seem to indicate that this GPS issue is primarily a VZ issue and not a software problem? If it were software, wouldn't it just be a problem no matter where you were? The software in my phone is the same in Charleston, Greenville, Columbia, Baltimore, Harrisburg, etc. It seems the only variability lies with the network and being in different coverage areas.
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    vzw doesn't play well with other apps. However, there are some great workarounds in preware. Do you have preware installed?
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    Not at the moment. Just a started a whole thread about that yesterday...I'll take the Preware plunge this weekend. I've beaten the GPS issue to death in this forum in the past, but I've never really noticed until last night that it seems to work fine (with the workaround of course) in some areas/cities but not in others.
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    It has been noted in several threads lately that Google Maps behavior has changed lately. It loads faster and seems to get a fix faster and more accurately then in the past. I suspect that Google has done a background update to webOS Google Maps.

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