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    I have a Pre Plus on Verizon, and I live in the Atlanta area. I noticed that earlier this morning, December 16, my sms timestamps that I was receiving were all 5 hours ahead of the actual time here in Atlanta. I waited hoping that there was something wrong on the other side but no go. I tried manually setting the network time zones, hard resets and the like but still nothing. I remember getting texts the night before and everything was fine; I put the phone down to charge, and first thing in the morning the times are all haywire. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Someone went back in time, met themselves and it created a paradox, so...

    LOL! I can't resist, just ask anyone.

    Were the messages from people in other time zones? Did you check with your service provider to see if they've had any type of issue?
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    I received multiple text messages today from different people on different carriers, all within the same time zone. I haven't talked to the provider directly, yet, but as far as I know, no one else I have talked to on my provider has had a problem.
  4. #4 you have any of the many messaging patches installed?

    This type of information will help people to give you ideas on how to fix. You could try the WebOS Repair Utility, to see if a file has been corrupted, somehow.
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