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    New here, but I'd like to introduce a new project into the fray - it's a completely web based music streaming system that uses an HTML5 API - no apps needed! and so far it's working well on my Palm Pre (1.4.5 OEM OS). There's no installer yet, so there's a bit of an install process while it's still in alpha. I'm furiously working on a nice lightweight virtual machine so installation is much quicker and a lot less technical, but it'll never have the featurs of a proper custom installation. I'm looking for testers for the Pixi, pre plus and any future WebOS toys.

    Here are some of the features:

    - Unlimited Playlists
    - On the Fly MP3/OGG transcoding and Bitrate modification
    - song/artist/album/genre browsing
    - universal search
    - gzipped/cached and optimized web code for a fast UI even on the cell network
    - Album art downloads/tag reading
    - iTunes or filesystem scanning
    - Multiplatform server (symfony framework, php and mysql)
    - Low hardware and software requirements

    You can see demo videos on the project page.

    Thanks and let me know how it goes if you decide to try it. One thing I'll point out now is for webos devices: Send Cookies with Request - it needs to be set to "true" as the Pre (at least on mine) doesn't send cookies with <audio> tag requests quite yet.

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    I have a wondering. I have ampache mobile/pre up and running. I notice where we need to some of the same steps. Can both ampache mobile and streeme be loaded on the Pre or will I have to choose which one since some of the files in setup have different names then ampache?
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    Yeah, should be easy to share for people experienced with setting up ampache. Streeme operates on its own port and mysql database. I'm not sure if they run php short tags or not, so you may want to skip that directive. Pretty much everything else should be copy and paste. Backup your configs before you modify them.

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    I added a Virtual machine install today! - all you have to do is download the image and it'll fire up with mostly everything working. Silly posts counter won't let me put in links yet :P anyway.. anyone who wanted to audit streeme, give the VM install version a try go to > hit install > and then click "Audit and try out Streeme using VMWare"
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