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    Hey guys, I bought a pre plus (At&t) over ebay, its been in the post for a while now so i expect it will arrive soon. It recently dawned on me (i know maybe something i should have though of before) that its probably locked to at&t. Ive read the sticky on unlocking but I was hoping that there was a most cost effective way. I also read that if i had access to a at&t sim card i would be able to get a unlock number... does my phone actually have to have the card in it, or can i just give my IMEI number to someone who has a at&t phone?
    if not are there any cheaper ways then the nextgen way?
    Any help is appreciated.

    EDIT: I was doing some searching and i found this site >unlocker<. Sorry if im not allowed to post direct links. Please advise on proper method.

    Also, if it makes a difference, the provider that I would be using is 'speakout wireless'.
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