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    I have the Palm Pre Plus on AT&T, and I've been running it with PreWare ever since I got it. I do have several patches applied, including some the affect Launcher. It has never been a problem, the occasional crash or restarted needed, no big deal.

    However recently (noticed it today, don't know how long it may have been going on) I saw through Govnah that the load average seemed rather high when I had nothing really happening. After looking in Terminal with top, I found that LunaSysMgr is eating up 20-60+% of my CPU (it varies), and ~20% of my memory. Today my battery (higher capacity standard sized Seido) has been draining exceptionally fast, dropping by 50% in just 2-3 hours. I've tried restarting the phone, restarting Luna, pulling the battery. Doesn't really seem to change the CPU usage. However, I noticed that when I turn on Airplane mode, the CPU for LunaSysMgr doesn't seem to go above 30% or so.

    Anyone have any ideas? Anything I can look at or try?
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    It happened to me twice after installing a patch (don't remember which)
    Doctoring fixed the problem (though you could try using the EMR patch to reverse the patches you applied,but if you don't mind doctoring go directly that way)
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    I'm suffering the same problem right now: LunaSysMgr eats the CPU (seen with "top", through novaterm), and I haven't installed anything today. The symptoms are that the phone freezes solid from time to time, and I'm an extremely patient person when dealing with computers. When I do something as "easy" as opening the launcher, LunaSysMgr uses up to 36% of the CPU!

    No new patches or installs today. The last thing I did was some read only usage of "WebOSQuickInstall". And I'm using it again to do a Luna restart, as I'm out of ideas, and didn't find any clue here after an admittedly brief search.

    ...back from a painfully sllow Luna restart, now my Pre seems a bit more responsive, but now it's "BluetoothMonito" going nuts to over 90% CPU gobbling. The phone seems more responsive, because it's no longer the user interface (Luna) which is stuttering.

    The funny thing is that I have Bluetooth inactive, thanks to Mode Switcher. Can I disable Mode Switcher for a while, to see what happens? But I suspect is completely unrelated

    What's the usual CPU usage in an stock Pre?

    Perhaps something is badly done in that bluetooth monitor process, that eats the CPU when its radio is disabled. I'm enabling the radio again, but it's taking so long I'm restarting the whole Pre. And now it seems back to normal.

    I guess the Bluetooth radio went nuts, and its related process isn't prepared for that. By the way, I have nothing aside from stock for Bluetooth, so I figure I'd just had bad luck.

    Bythe way, why not a "top" app, so terminal connection is not needed? And what are those funny "killall" processes?
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