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    I'm almost in love. So long as it keeps working well I may not worry about getting Verizon's iPhone.

    A few questions though:

    The screen doesn't automatically scroll as I enter text? I'm not liking having to move the screen myself as I type this to ensure that I'm error free.

    Is there any way to add things to universal search? I see that I can post a tweet (speaking of, can I remove that? Twitter is ********), but can I post a Facebook status?

    That's about it for now. I already got my dad to go from,"Why would you want such an old phone?" to "That's actually pretty slick."
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    Oh my, two things I just noticed:

    I can't scroll through texs in these boxes if what I've typed has any length to it and it's pretty hard to select a specific point in a word if I need to fix a letter.
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    the first item is a bug that doesn't show up on all websites.

    scrolling in the text box... while the cursor is in the box, hold down the gray/orange key and move your finger across the screen. it will scroll in the direction of your finger.

    also, get Preware and find a huge world of overclocking and homebrew goodness that will amaze you and impress people with iphones.

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    Overclocking and installing Preware was the first thing I did, ha ha. Any apps to recommend?
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    If you go under PATCHES in Preware, you will find an option to add and remove things from universal search. There are tons of apps to play with; a few to recommend:
    Angry Birds, Scratch, Facebook, (The Unoffical) Precentral app, Twee, Engadget, Epocrates, TripKit, YouView, and Plasma Cannon to name a few.

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    I can't find anything universal search-related. It would be nice to be able to send a text just by opening the keyboard and typing.
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    click on the contact name that universal search shows you, you should see "mms". tap that and you are there.

    webOS 2.0 is supposed to make that eaven easier, btw
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    Open the keyboard and start typing the name. You will be given the option of selecting SMS.

    Most of the time, double tapping the field will shrink it to fit the screen.
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    Yeah, I heard. I've actually been researching this phone and posting here the whole time I've been considering the Pre. I'm pretty stoked for OS2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rezigrene View Post
    Overclocking and installing Preware was the first thing I did, ha ha. Any apps to recommend?
    I like auto speaker via proximity sensor patch ( swithes automatically between speaker and earpiece ) and also screen off ( turn off screen with icon )
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    These are not in any particular order, nor are they the only great homebrew items I use. Modeswitcher and any of Sconix's advanced patches. Music Player (Remix) 2.0 beta. Save/Restore. Internalz.
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    Music Player remix is amazing. I'm reencoding a bunch of music to 128 KB/s to shove in to my paltry 16GB of space. I got about 3000 songs to fit in at just under 13GB.

    Two new questions: what are metataps? I can't seem to get them to work. Are they the same as holding shift and using c/v/x/a? Also, is there any way to set the keyboard backlight to go off? I more or less only use portrait mode with my keyboard slid open; having the backlight on all the time is killing the battery, and I don't want to have to keep sliding the keyboard open every few seconds. I looked in Preware already.
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    Meta-tap = press & hold the gesture area.
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    turn down the screen also turns down the keyboard.

    or check out the patch 'brightness unlinked'
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    Yes, the screen/browser not moving with your text can be kind of annoying, I usually have a big problem with it when I am posting here or another board though. Only real time I am entering much text in via the browser.

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