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    Hi I have some doubts with the Pre.

    2.0 Webos may or not be put on the Pre 1?

    I always fully Souped connexion telephone calls to set the profile?
    the iphone was Connect with Itunes and I could use it .... I have prepaid balance and I spent ..
    Maybe served:
    use my Palm Pre Plus without SIM card? - Palm Support Community

    The problem I have to go back "of the total reset" I was down applications for 3G, with its levels of expenditure ...
    As I get home restored, without installing contacts, programs, etc ...
    The google maps, I think that takes the Street view?

    You can recommend me some cheap charger ?
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    This may answer some of your questions:

    WebOS 2 is suppose to come to all Palm phones in early 2011 =

    Google Maps on webOS does not have street view but BFG Maps does =

    If you are looking for just a charger = Travel Charger For Palm Pixi, Palm Pixi Plus, Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus - Palm Pixi Plus

    I would recommend a touchstone = palm pre touchstone
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