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    Hi I have a problem with my palm will not sync with my profile or I may create another, is not functioning as the data connection.
    My thanks to all
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    The problem started after a secure erase.
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    I'm not following.... What do you mean?? Can you not log in to your profile after the secure erase and get all your apps and contact data?
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    If you can't login to your profile due to no data signal than you need to contact you carrier .. (if its sprint or verizon ) you'll get an MSL which will help you restore the data connection... If it's Gsm they'll reset the connection
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    To check your profile, go here: Palm Support : Palm Pre 2 Unlocked - Home
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    The problem is solved, faster than I thought.
    Thanks and regards
    Sorry for my English is not very good jajajajajaja
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    To help others please let us know what it was.
    Your english seemed good enough even for me, but the info was much to short.
    And a title like "!!!!! Help !!!!!" is not very useful.
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    When I made sure there was an error erasing what he did to lose the
    configuration data from my company, resets it and fix the problem.
    The other problem is that sap not put it in USB mode, which resolved by removing the battery, then plug the AC cable press the volume button and put the battery and hold the button until it turns into USB mode.
    The truth is that I have very little with my presence.

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