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    I acccidentally took the battery out while the pre was booting (i thought the battery was dead and the screen didnt respond right away)...

    since then, i cant get my pre to load properly. no matter what battery i put in, the pre is completely unresponsive. if i plug in the pre, it just shows the palm logo for a couple minutes, the screen goes black for a couple seconds, and then the logo comes back up again.

    i tried all the different reset methods i know of - if not plugged in, holding down reset does nothing, even toggling mute switch or option/sym/r. doing these while plugged in doesnt help either.

    is there another trick you recommend to revive my beloved (and frustrating) phone?
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    Have you tried booting into "recovery"( I believe that is what it is called) and then tried to doctor?

    How To Recover - WebOS Internals
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    put catsup on it! sorry couldn't resist.

    P.S. Your answer is the one before this stupid post.
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    Yes, unfortunately, the stuck in boot loop issue means something in the OS has probably gotten corrupted and a doctor, or four, is needed to fix it.

    However, some have also had luck with just leaving the phone alone and leaving it plugged in to charge for awhile.
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    Be warned though, I saw once on the boot scripts that it tries several times to fix the usb partition if it finds errors, and if it can't, it just deletes and recreates it

    Good luck with that!!
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    even webOS dr couldnt help - and tech support couldnt either - so they sent me a new one... lesson is, do not EVER take the battery out while pre is rebooting! sigh...
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    Actually, you're not supposed to take the battery out, ever, without shutting the phone down first. Doing that, in any situation, can cause damage.
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