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    I've had the same Sprint Pre since August 09 and I've been fighting the on again / off again phantom screen touches problems since September of this year. My current theory is its related to humidity, but that is for a different thread.

    I finally bought a Pre from a friend that decided to upgrade to an android device and I was looking for the simple steps for basically setting up that device with my current settings. I've been searching the forums and can't seem to find a good list (or good keywords to search by) of steps to take.

    I know lots of awesome work has been done by the homebrew community and I wanted to put that work to good use. My guess is something like:

    * Doctor the 'new' device to clean it out.
    * Manually erase the USB partition as it doesn't get erased anymore.
    * login with my palm profile? (or does this wait until I do the esn swap?)
    * something with save/restore to get app data moved over for most of my apps?
    * will that same utility allow me to restore patch / homebrew apps as well?

    If there is a page on webos-internals or a thread in this forum that already has these details, then feel free to send me on my way with a link.

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    Yes, you won't be able to log-in to your profile, until the phone can connect to your provider's data service. There is a way to bypass it, but that's only necessary if you aren't planning to activate the phone on a cell provider's network.

    You will want to update your saved packages list in Preware, then back it up to your computer, so you can install it in your new phone, after you reinstall Preware.

    There is a Save/Restore app in Preware that will back up much of the other data that you don't want to lose for apps.

    The Pre BackUp Utility, also in Preware, will back up a ton of other stuff that you may not want to lose, such as call logs, text messages and etc.
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    So, it looks like I should just go ahead, do the Doctor then do the ESN swap to activate the new device with my palm profile, and then do all the preware stuff to move things over?

    I thought I read somewhere that apps need to be installed and possibly opened one time to initialize their data before doing any restore function? or is that no longer a problem?
    Former Sprint Treo 700p Owner, now Sprint Palm Pre- and HP Touchpad Owner.

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