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    Is there a way to check to see if a Pre has been spoofed? Had a few 'odd' events happen lately . . . all related to connecting to the www and making a call. I spoke with Sprint so calls/charges will be monitored, but I'd rather be proactive if there's a way to check it out.

    Thankx in advance~
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    not sure what 'spoofed' means, bit if you are concerened you can always doctor back to factory frsh. Just be sure you get the save/restore app from preware and also use preware's saved package lis, both will make restoration better.

    but I don't think there have ever been reports of a pre being hacked.
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    I think he may mean his Sprint account, totally unrelated to a specific device.
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    Yeah, spoofing is completely different than someone getting your account passwords. If you are worried someone has spoofed your device and is making calls on your account, the only way to know is for the carrier to watch your account activity and compare it to the calls you actually made. On your end, you can use a homebrew app to monitor your data usage and compare it to your actual bill to make sure all usage is only from your phone.

    Good luck with it!

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