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    Well my Pre Finally bit the dust last night. Touchsreen would not work. So I tried everything and nothing worked. I am in Ft Lauderdale on business and stopped into a Verizon Store on Federal Hwy. I know I was way past my warranty period, and the phone was a little beat up. I even brought my Treo in with me just in case I had to move back to that one till my upgrade next November.

    Charlie the Verizon Rep, greeted me, I told him my problem and what I had done to try and reset and fix it. He took the phone in the back and said he would see if he could get it working. Five minetes later he comes out and tells me that he should really tell me to do an insurance claim, but he will do me a customer service favor and replace my beat up old phone. He said Palm would not like it because it looked pretty beat up. I had after all dropped it from a motorcycle going 70 MPH about a month ago. He was very versed in the Pre and even mentioned that they were getting the new Palm Pre 2 very soon. Thanks Charlie for the favor.
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    My guess is that he reads PC.
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    The phone survived a 70mph drop on asphault ?

    People that say I just put down my phone and the screen cracked need to shut the hell up now!

    Anywho much the VZW shops Ive been in Florida are pretty sweet in customer service.
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    Yeah, this is called "customer service". This thread points how very sad it has truly become in this day and age. It used to be that companies would go above and beyond what was "legally required" to make their customers happy. Now, if it isn't written into the fine print typically you are SOL.

    A happy customer is one who will return over and over. Sure they may eat some costs on this, this one time, but if you return to purchase additional devices/services, it will profit them in the long run.
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    Wow. Nice to hear some Vzw stores are treating the palm community right. Let's hope it's a sign of things to come.
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