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    Sorry i didn't post this in the 'homebrew apps' forum but it said i wasn't allowed.

    i just want to know what they are, how are they different from normal apps and how do i get them?

    thanks very much

    p.s i just got a pre so excuse my lack of pre knowledge
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    apps and modifications created/distributed by the community and not through the official palm app catalog.

    You will find a lot of helpful information on PreCentral and hear is an excellent thread to start reading as you get to know more about webOS.

    paste that in to your browser if you aren't yet at 10 posts to see links.

    Once you've read that, and several others that are "sticky" at the top of each subject area, you will need to install QuickInstall and Preware. You will get most of your homebrew goodness and themes from Preware, which works almost exactly like the Palm app catalog.
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    Simple answer: Install Preware as per this Precentral article. Once that's done the homebrew world is your oyster...
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    Some are very useful apps that are not allowed in the app catalog but you can make thinks with it you will not find in the app catalog.
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    Homebrew Applications include Beta Apps that have not made it in the Palm App Catalog and PreCentral Apps that are published outside of the Palm App Catalog.

    The Beta App Gallery contains some apps that are in development, so it gives you a sense of what’s to come. The Beta App Gallery is here:

    The Homebrew App community has created some of the most desired applications for webOS. You can check them out at:

    Another category of homebrew apps are the WebOS Internals Packages that include such super applications as Mode Switcher, Dr. Battery and Govnah.

    The best thing about Homebrew Apps is that they are all FREE!

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    And I was recently reminded that there is a Homebrew app in the official app catalogue that will tell you everything you want to know about homebrew apps and how to put them on your phone.

    Homebrew How To

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