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    Pre newb here, approach with caution!

    I just "upgraded" to the Pre, from a Palm 700wx, and one feature that I LOVED, and cannot seem to find info on, is the one that prompts me to add any new phone numbers I dial or receive, into my contact list automatically.

    I have searched this forum for 25min's, and cannot seem to find a patch or detail on this.

    That was one of the most functional and great features I've had on a phone.

    I also use to be able to "add a contact" when in Google Maps, with a single click, but don't see that feature any longer either??

    Any insights would be much appreciated!!
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    after the call tap the arrow on the right side of the item in the call log, and you can add it from there.

    not sure about google maps. google hasn't kept that app improving like they have for android and iphone.
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    What Cantaffordit said and If you open your call history and tap on the information box on the right, you also have the option to "Add to Contacts"

    The Pre uses true multi-tasking so you could have Google Maps open (or any other apps) and still be able to add to contacts from your Phone, Messaging or call history.

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    You can add a phone number from almost anywhere. I'll describe it for Google Maps, but the process is the same for any application that shows you a phone number.

    When looking at the search results info, you'll see reviews, address, phone number, etc. Touching the phone number will launch the phone app, with the number entered. To call it, just hit the green phone icon bellow the number pad. To add to contacts, hit the button bellow it, labelled "add to contacts."

    here's a fake number for you to try this with (assuming you read precentral on your phone (

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    I always disabled that feature in PalmOS. It was annoying to me.
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    Thanks for the tips, appreciated.

    I knew about adding the contact after calling, it's just some extra steps, and requires one to remember it every single time.

    On my 700wx , as soon as I ended the call, and the phone number was not in my contact list, it would ask me if I wanted to add the was a great way to get numbers, and very fast & easy.

    The Google Map thing was more of a fun feature, not something I used daily.

    But, it was great.....basically, just click the "add to contacts" button, within google maps, and it would add every detail automatically, phone, address, everything, one click....really slick actually.

    I just assumed it was a Google Map feature, but clearly it's limited to certain hardware/software on phones.

    Once again, thanks for the replies, appreciated.

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