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    Would it be possible to make teleconference script for Palm Pre phone?
    You can make a phone call up to 6 people.
    Basically you just call the first receiver #1 and when he hangs up you just press 3 and contunie calling receiver #2 press 3 blah blah...

    I don't know if this applies for other service providers but I, we are a group of snowboarders making free calls between and would like to use teleconferancing on the mountain when snowboarding. Possible? May be this would be a good application just don't know =))
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    I wasn't aware that a cell phone could have 6 people on a single call.

    Have you checked out Free Conference Call, Phone Conferencing, Teleconferences -

    It's one of several services that let you set up a conference bridge that everyone can dial in to.

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