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    So the touchscreen doesnt work.... i been pushing all over the screen not working. i dont even see the light on the gesture area... but the keyboard works.... phone is now stuck in airplane mode and i got so frustrated tried sliding up and down and the keyboard is now stuck open..... gonna bring to store n see what can be done.... 4 months ...... just think 4 months...
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    My last phone did this once. I shut it down, removed the battery for about 10 minutes while I got distracted by the kids. It powered up fine after that, and never gave me a problem.

    I that doesn't help, have you tried getting it in to recovery mode to doctor?

    Before you do that, be sure you back up the USB contents, at least.
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    Thank ya... its been a bad week my laptop died so i cant even recover this phone...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Remove backcover
    Call 911
    When the Pre comes out of Airplane Mode, pull out the battery.

    No_ I didn't come up with this myself.
    LOL That's a new one. If the battery doesn't come out quick enough, 911 will hold th line open and send emergency response vehicles to find him.

    Where did you find that little tip. I can see why it would work, but I can't imagine how someone ever thought to try it.
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    The trick is to cancel the call by pulling the battery, before the call completes. It automatically kicks the phone out of airplane mode.
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    And someone else with the stuck in Airplane Mode problem discovered it and posted in on the boards several weeks ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by svsu12 View Post
    Problem Solved!!!

    Here is how you solve it for any people that have the problem in the future:

    Open up your phone application and then remove the back cover of your phone so that you have easy access to quickly remove the battery as you will need to do that. Second, once you have the phone app open use your keyboard to enter "911" and then click enter to call. This will disable the airplane mode, once the phone goes into the calling mode pull out your battery to disconnect the call before the phone connects (or you can explain to the operator why you had to call 911 your choice) but i found i was able to pull the battery before the phone dialed or got through "connecting".

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