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    There currently are no apps to enable the types of controls you would find useful. As the parent of three teens all on Palm Pixi's and Pre's there is value to such applications.

    I am working on such an app and hope that I can get it done this year. My intent is to create an app that give parents the ability to demonstrate trust in their kids and protect them at appropriate levels as well. I also intend for the app to be completely visible so it cannot be used as a spying tool. This app will be free.

    If I am successful the app can also be packaged and sold for corporate use to ensure proper use of company phones/webOS devices.
    Perhaps if some of the readers of this thread actually read what you wrote and paid attention to what you are actually trying to do they would not be so quick to pull out the tired drivel about "you can't block kids from pr0n - they'll always find a way around it".

    I, for one, look forward to this application, Pastor Rich. In fact, I am a programmer, although new to webos, and would like very much to help out any way that I can.


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    In order to do this properly wouldn't an enterprise server be needed?

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