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    It's been a year since I got my Telcel GSM Pre, it's been a year of fun and hacking, and I don't think I could get that this far with my Pre without PreCentral and webOS Internals, you guys rock.

    Also I want to thank all the forum users, those who help, and those who ask too, it's been a great year for me.

    Right now I'm begining a new contract with Telcel (or maybe I can switch phones)... Last week I got a free AT&T Pre Plus from the Developer program (Palm), I've already unlocked and activated it, and I just finished reinstalling all my apps (via wifi, those 3D games are really heavy).

    My girlfriend has inherited the Pre, and she seems rather happy with it (she's been playing with it since yesterday, and as she doesn't have a data plan, she has amazing battery life)

    Our main concern right now is the lack of medical apps, but I hope with the new devices coming up, epocrates should return and there should be more and more new apps.

    Again, thanks to everyone in the forums, you're a great community and I'll still be here even if we manage to buy her Xperia X10 mini (Telcel has a employee sale and we may get one for about $200, which is a really cheap price here in Mexico - the Pre goes for about the same).
    Just remember: If I helped you, press the thanks button!

    Owner of: Pre Sprint, Pre Telcel, Pre Plus AT&T, Pre 2 Unlocked, Pixi Plus AT&T, and 2 TouchPads (my Pre3 was stolen so it won't appear again here).
    Needs: Veer (anyone?)
    Apps: Subnet Calculator, FreeCam, PhotoFun, NuttyPad (work in progress)
    HomeBrew: meta-doctor and Messaging Plugins collaborator
    Twitter: @cesarneg
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    Unfortunately, Epocrates says it will be updating its app one more time (presumably for 2.0) and then discontinuing the app.
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    It's nice to see such a positive post in the midst of a lot of uncertainty.
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    I'll just ignore the negative post as I already know the epocrates situation.

    The thing is, after a year of caring, she managed to drop coffee on the phone screen, and I think it entered the front speaker as she tried to make a phone call today and the sound is almost silent...

    I'll try first with some isoprophyl alcohol and if I don't get lucky, I'll have to crack it open.

    Grrr... Sorry, I just needed to vent that out

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