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    i have an mobileme email account since my iphone days, and i'm still using it with my pre plus. i realized this weird issue:
    when i got an e-mail from my mobile me account, and i click on it to read, then i lose my internet connection. i can't read the e-mail and i can't browse the web. i just lose the connection. i had to restart my phone to get the internet back. airplane mode on/off doesn't work.
    i also have a gmail account on palm pre plus, there is no problem with it.
    i really don't know what's wrong.
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    That is wierd . Have you thought about just forwarding your mobileme email to your gmail account and set up gmail to respond from your mobile me?
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    thanks but the thing is, i don't want to combine my email accounts. i'm happy when they are seperate
    if the problem doesn't solve by itself until tomorrow, probably i'm gonna visit "the webos doctor". he can fix everything that's the beauty of webos.
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    Before doctoring, try removing your mobileme account via the Email app and then re add it. Sometimes that's all it takes to fix these anomalies.
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    thanks. I just did it and now it works fine. I still don't know what was wrong...

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